Youth Expression and Leadership Programme

It is the core programme of the organization which focuses on identity, the primary source of conflict in the region. Projects under the program:

  •   Residential Workshops:

A1. – Level 1 Workshops:
Under this programme residential workshops on ‘Conscious Leadership and Social Change are organized. Youth in the age group of 17 to 27 years from diverse backgrounds of faith, traditions, heritage, ethnicity, sect, caste, region, culture, political and conflict experience come together for an experiential understanding of social, gender and political constructs. The workshop model is based on individual healing, self- transcendence and transformation. The workshop helps to create an enabling and holistic space for leadership and interpersonal skills including empathy, mindfulness, critical inquiry and responses to external crisis or conflicts.

A2. – Training of Trainers Workshops:

At the second level, Training of Trainer workshops on “Peacebuilding, Community Engagement and Leadership” are conducted. Participants are trained to reach out to children and youth in different parts of the state, especially Kashmir Valley to educate them about empathy, care, tolerance, listening, mindfulness, dialogue through art, storytelling, theatre and sporting activities. The graduates of Yakjah TOTs become healers, facilitators, peace advocates and social change agents. It offers space for young people to brainstorm, inquire and question different practices, methodologies and innovations for peacebuilding in their own communities, neighbourhood, institutions and families.